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The Map

Discussion in 'Whats Going On' started by Lord_Rafox, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. Lord_Rafox

    Lord_Rafox Jaffa cake junkie Server Staff News Author

    Sep 25, 2015
    Ello ladies and gents

    Now, I know I'm a bit belated on this, but you might've seen a new thing appear in the navigation bar at the top of the website that looks a bit like this:


    Now you're not seeing things, there is indeed a page called map.

    This is basically a map of the survival world, It shows every structure, important place, and even players.

    Here's some guidance on how to use it:

    On the left, it should show something similar to this:


    The top one is the zoom. You can zoom in and out with these buttons. The second one is the layers tab, when opened, it looks like this:


    Now it's pretty self explanatory, you can toggle whether you see certain things, And the third one is the coordinates of your mouse.

    At the top, it shows a clock. This is the server time not real life time.

    And at the top right, it shows a list of players a bit like this:


    Again, it's what it says on the can, it shows all online players. If you click on a player, it will teleport to their position on the map.

    You will also see that player's messages are appearing in chat, and that you can also type
    All I can say is please don't try to speak, not for now. We'll get it sorted later

    I hope you all enjoy it, be sure to let us know of any issues :)
  2. Maginka
    Caffeine Fix

    Maginka Owner of Mineplay Owner

    Jul 29, 2011
    I made this mini Tutorial back in 2012

  3. Frost

    Frost Tree Puncher

    May 2, 2016
    Oh thank you so much for adding in the map option. This will be helpful to use when identifying different biomes for settlements and for knowing ahead of time who not to get in a 1v1 with because of the health and armor status thing.

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