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Competition July Photography Contest

Discussion in 'Survival Mode' started by Lord_Rafox, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. Lord_Rafox

    Lord_Rafox Jaffa cake junkie Server Staff News Author

    Sep 25, 2015
    Ello folks

    I want to run a photography contest, because I know we've got some people with a good eye for photography. If you wanna get involved that's great! The contest starts At the weekend and ends on the 31st of July. I'm gonna do different categories, feel free to enter any. There will be a points system and we're going to judge the pictures from best to worst, the people with the most points at the end are the winners As I say, feel free to get involved, but there are a few rules you have to abide by. These are:
    1. Do not go outside the category that your image is said to be in, (EG posting a building in the landscapes category)
    2. No shaders or texture packs unless you're in that category
    3. No more than 4 photos overall (in every category)
    4. You can choose more than 1 category to enter but please don't put more than 1 post for pictures in the same category
    5. All standard server rules apply

    The categories are as follows:
    • Shaders and Texture packs
    • Nature
    • Landscapes
    • People
    • Buildings and Towns
    Prizes are as follows

    First place: A Diamond sword with knockback II and fire aspect II
    Second place: A Diamond sword with sharpness IV
    Third place: An iron sword with bane of the arthropods III and Sharpness I

    Any questions, just ask me :)

    Good luck to everyone who enters and happy snapping! :)

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