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Getting Better

Discussion in 'Whats Going On' started by Lord_Rafox, Jul 27, 2017.

  1. Lord_Rafox

    Lord_Rafox Jaffa cake junkie Server Staff News Author

    Sep 25, 2015
    Hey folks.

    Now. We need you to help us a little. Recently, with all the server reset, we've added loads of new features and improved loads more. You know all this and 99% of it has gone very well.

    But. The thing is, we can always improve. And that's where you come in,

    We need you to help us with, well, everything.

    Your feedback is very valuable here.

    Tell us:

    • What's gone well?
    • What don't you like?
    • What do you want adding?
    • What do you want to see gone?
    • What and how can we improve?
    Mineplay will always be a great place, but we wanna make it even better! Great +1. And yes, if you must... "Make Mineplay great again"

    Have a think and respond to us either on the requests and suggestions forum, ping us on Discord or speak to us in game!

    Thanks for reading ladies and gents. Have a good summer! :)

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  2. Mr.Indie

    Mr.Indie Tree Puncher

    Jan 7, 2017
    1. Well, everything has gone well, I can build new things and see new places. I also building justice 2.0!
    2. I don't like "you have to wait 1 sec before your next command" I don't like how you cant buy some blocks in sid 2.0, and I don't like there is no flyer dude where you could buy fly.
    3. add the flyer, add portals, add a thing where you could egg things, like pigs, cows, etc. add rocket boots back, plox? add cooler things, like commands
    4. I want the "live map" thing gone, ret found my base and took my doggie, not that big of a deal, I want "wait 1 sec before next command" gone. and i think that's it for me.
    5. you guys are doing awesome! i love the new things! also, keep totem of undying, mending, and a yellow car in the voting chest! i love how that add that :3, If you can add cooler things, then keep it doing it :D.

    your welcome :3
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  3. Bluefluffy

    Bluefluffy Diamond Miner

    Apr 19, 2014
    made a thread if you want to see more stuffs as vote rewards :p

    but indie, how can he steal your dog? if it's your dog he can't kill it or 'adopt' it in any way, so what the big deal?
    i mean its just survival :p if you claimed your base you shouldn't be worried about getting robbed or griefed. But besides claiming, knowing ret, we won't rob you or grief ;P he knows the rules of the server pretty well
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  4. Bluefluffy

    Bluefluffy Diamond Miner

    Apr 19, 2014
    ooh and about raf questions, adding a world border to the end and the nether would be useful, just make it so it doesn't bounce you back, rather make it so you can get past it.

    I said its best it doesn't bounce you back there because i'm affraid it would make you bounce into the void or into lava.
    i would like to see a feature that teleports you back to spawn if you fell into the void in the end dimension.
    Maybe, to make that bouncing back safer, adding a fire resistance effect when you're 15 blocks near the world border would be helpfull, aswell as feather falling X to prevent people from falling to their death
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  5. Chrydin

    Chrydin Diamond Miner

    Nov 19, 2015
    The live map is definitely controversial, no privacy vs transparency
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  6. Mr.Indie

    Mr.Indie Tree Puncher

    Jan 7, 2017
    I agree, you can just stalk someone and find there place
  7. Emily

    Emily Somewhat Important Staff Member Server Staff

    Dec 15, 2014

    I think considering that we
    1. don't have pvp in survival
    2. have a nice claiming system,
    the map thing isn't really a big deal. With everyone starting 100% from scratch after the reset, it's kinda nice being able to easily explore and find biomes for resources and new homes. That being said, if you do have any issues with people coming to your homes and being annoying/intrusive to an extenuating degree, please inform the staff so we can handle it as necessary.
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  8. Mr.Indie

    Mr.Indie Tree Puncher

    Jan 7, 2017
    1. I agree with that now I think about it! because think about that
    2. ehh I guess?

    3. fair, fair
  9. Maginka
    Caffeine Fix

    Maginka Owner of Mineplay Owner

    Jul 29, 2011
    Or better still, stand in the claim and type /setflag noenter Private land

    Then, only players who have at least /accesstrust can even enter the claim.
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