1. It has been a fun ride
    but the server has now closed.

Server Information


How do I claim Land?

Watch this simple Guide, for all you need to know.


Who Owns Mineplay

The server is owned by Maginka


What are the rules?

Rule #1: No GriefingSimply put: If you didn’t build it, don’t touch it.
  • Do not modify any structure that is not yours.
  • Do not build within 10 blocks of somebody else’s things
  • Do not attempt to “break in” to somebody’s building. If they locked it, they don’t want you in there.
  • Do not take or harvest any crops that do not belong to you.
HOWEVER: We make it Incredibly Easy to protect your own things from grief. You are responsible for protecting your own stuff, including a 10-block buffer area around your structures. If you choose not to do so, you bear the full responsibility for repairing any damage done by other players. We will not roll back damage on unprotected builds. We will still investigate and consequence griefers, but you are on your own to fix the damage if you decided that it wasn’t worth your time to protect your stuff.
Penalties: You will be kicked, temporarily banned, or permanently banned depending on how severe the offense was.

Rule #2: No Cheating of Any Kind
Simply put:
Don’t cheat, use hacks, or exploit broken game mechanics. Don’t attempt to bypass the AFK auto-kicker, and don’t try to buy/sell anything with real-world money.
Do not modify your game client using third-party “hacks” or “cheats” that give you an advantage over other players. This includes X-ray, lighting mods, cave maps, ore finders, etc.

Do not exploit broken game mechanics. Report these to an admin instead of using them to your advantage. A few examples include item dupe exploits or sand/gravel generators.

Don’t attempt to build or use “mechanisms” such as minecart tracks or water flows to avoid being kicked by the AFK booter.

Penalties: You will be kicked, temporarily banned, or permanently banned depending on how severe the offense was.

Rule #3: No swearing, hateful, or offensive language in chat or on signs, and no sharing of personal informationSimply put: Be civil. Be nice. Do not use bad words and do not build offensive things. Do not share or ask for personal information.
We have a chat language filter. It will warn you if you use bad words and will not display your message. Do not attempt to bypass this filter.

Do not build anything that could be considered obscene. This includes swastikas, genitalia, or any crude or vulgar shapes or signs.

Because lots of kids play here, we also expect that you will not ask for or share personal information including telephone numbers, addresses, full names, etc. It is OK to share what country or state you are from, how old you are, or if you are a boy or a girl (if your parents feel this is OK, of course!)

Penalty: You will be jailed, temporarily banned, or permanently banned depending on how severe the offense was.

Rule #4: No advertisingSimply Put: Do not mention the names, web addresses, or IP addresses of any other Minecraft servers.
We are not responsible for the content on any other servers. We do not want young kids being directed to other servers that are not age-appropriate. Do not use chat, forums, in-game private messages, forum private messages, or any other means to advertise. This includes your own private servers that you set up for friends.

Penalties: You will be muted at first, after that; Every offense is a 24-hour ban. After three offenses, we reserve the right to ban you permanently.

Rule #5: Don’t be a jerkSimply put: Don’t be a jerk.
We enjoy our players. Our players like that they can play here with their friends and not be harassed and bothered. If someone asks you to leave their house, leave.

Do not spam chat. Do not repeat questions over and over if you do not get an answer. Do not use excessive punctuation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111 or letterssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Do not beg for stuff. If you want free stuff, we have a creative world. If you are not willing to put in the work to get diamond armor, nobody else is going to feel the need to give it to you either.

Penalties: You could be muted (made unable to chat) temporarily or permanently. If the behavior is excessive or continued, you could be temporarily or permanently banned

How do I rank up?

On the Survival server, there a 4 main ranks, which are as follows:

  • Guest
  • Apprentice
  • Member
  • Veteran
Ranks are based on playtime in the Survival server. You will start off as a guest, then, you will need to play for a certain amount of time to rank up. Play for:
  • 1 hour to rank up to apprentice
  • 6 hours to rank up to member
  • 1 day (24 hours) to rank up to veteran
To check how close you are to ranking up, just do /ontime and check your overall summary.

There are a few other ranks only awarded by Maginka, these are:

  • Hero - Given to those who have shown high commitment, especially through voting.
  • Elite - Awarded for having a very high ontime, showing a strong commitment to the server
  • Legend - Awarded to those who show an outstanding commitment to the server, it's values and it's players.
  • V.I.P - Given to ex staff members

There are also 3 staff ranks, these are:

MPS - Junior staff. Has access to basic staff commands
Staff - Fully fledged staff. Has access to all important staff commands
Mod - Same as Staff in most cases, just a different title. Sometimes may have an extra responsibility or two.
Admin - Maginka's left hand man (or woman). Looks after the server when he is not there.


Also, please note that Ranks are a privilege NOT a right, If you decide not to follow the server rules, then you can expect your rank to be removed!


In Creative, there are 4 main ranks. They are:

  • Builder - Has access to 1 plot
  • Craftsman - Has Access

Extra plots can be given to those in need of them.

Staff are recognised by their [Staff] title.

The current Creative server manager is ErlichCraft

Please note while staff have extra perks in Survival and Creative, they have no extra features other than the ability to ban/kick etc people. In every other server, they can not "cheat". They have access to the same commands as regular players other than the given exceptions.

Who are the staff?

  • Maginka*
  • EmilyC2*
  • Nekokittu*
  • CrazyDerps*
  • Lord_Rafox*
  • Jcgreen*
  • Louloupopcat*
  • NoTouchCatapilla
  • Seemly*
  • Anrogan

Creative Server Manager:
  • ErlichCraft*

News Author

  • Lord_Rafox

Social Media Manager:

  • Notouchcatapilla
  • Chewy101

Names marked with a * are also moderators in the Creative Server

How do I get a MyPet?

Getting mypet's is easy! All you need to do is follow these simple steps and you've got your very own pet!

  1. Get a lead
  2. Find an animal or mob you want as a pet
  3. This is the brutal part, you need to kill it WITH THE LEAD
  4. The pet should come to you and you've got your very own pet :D

How do I make a Shop?

Making a shop is super easy!

To do so, all you need to do is follow these simple steps.

  1. Place a chest wherever you want the shop to be
  2. Place a sign on the chest and in square brackets, write [Shop]
  3. On the second line, write the quantity of what you want to sell
  4. On the third line, write what you want the price of 1 item to be
  5. Finish writing the sign and you will see it automatically turns into a shop
  6. Punch or hit the sign with whatever you want to sell.
  7. You've made a shop!

For a full guide + pictures, click here

How Do I change to a Different Server?

From any server, you can access the Full server list by typing /server

You will see a list of all server names.

You can click on the server name to go there, or, type /server <servername>

To go to the main server Hub, from anywhere, type /hub

How do I earn Money?

To earn money in game, you can do several things.

  • Start an Auction. Type /auc help to see commands.
  • Ask other players if they have any Jobs you can do, cutting down trees, landscaping, building etc. Make sure to get a quote on much they will pay.
  • Vote. Voting for the server gives you Diamonds and Money.
  • Start a Shop. Sell and buy Items the "easy" way

There are as many ways to make money, but remember, to play minecraft, you dont need money. Simply go off and mine, craft, and make your own items for free.

What Are the Servers?

Mineplay has many different servers for you to play on.

If you like basic Minecraft, try our Survival server. A basic, PVE none pvp server.

Do you like building and creating? If so, Try our Creative server. With plots, and worldedit with higher ranks!

If you like Factions, Try our Kingdoms Server!

Prefer your base to be on an island? Try our Skyblock server!

A little bit bored? Try our Minigames server!

To go to any server, type /server ( you will see a list of all servers, click the name, or type /server <servername>

How do I make a barter shop?

Making a barter shop may seem tricky at first, but there is only a few simple steps needed to create one. Follow this guide to make a barter shop

On the first line, Write [Shop] just like that

On the second line, Write the quantity of what you're GIVING AWAY

On the third line, Write the amount you want people to trade for that item.

On the fourth line, write Barter

After that, punch the sign with the item you want to sell

Finally, Punch the sign with the item you want to trade in

That should then create a barter shop!

There we go, done!

To publicise your shop, on a sign, write [Welcome]
then type /visit to view your shop or other players' shops
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